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Congratulations to our 2019 A-Level students – Results from Oxford and Torbay!

The A-Levels are considered the top qualification among British universities. Secondary school students in this program are able to specialize in their subjects and often go on to great academic achievement in university. At EF Academy, we’ve watched our A-Level students grow confident in their subjects and in themselves. It’s through this assurance that our students have had such impressive results.

At Torbay, we are very proud to announce a 96% pass rate for students, with more than 50% of our students receiving top grades, the second-highest grades in the school’s history. At Oxford, there was an 84% pass rate, with 36% of our students receiving top grades. These high grades have put students in line to attend some of the very best universities in the world.

Students this year have places for Chemical Engineering at the University of Surrey, English Language at Swansea University, Urban Planning in Newcastle University, and Business at Hult International Business School.

Top A-Level scores:

  • Taiwan, A* A* A* A* applying for the University of Oxford or MIT
  • Thailand, A* A* A (plus an A* in EPQ), King’s College London
  • Indonesia, A*A A, gap year
  • Algeria, A A B (plus A in EPQ), University of Birmingham
  • Italy, A*A A C, University of Bath
  • Germany, A B B, University of Sheffield
  • Taiwan, A B B, Lancaster University
  • China, A B C, University of Durham
  • Indonesia, B B B (plus A in EPQ), University of Southampton
  • Serbia, B B B, Queen Mary University of London

While this list only reflects a small glimpse of each student’s achievements, we are proud of every one of our students. All of the students have had the opportunity to explore their potential and achieve great personal success throughout the course of the program and the class of 2019 will go on to achieve great things.

At EF Academy International Boarding Schools, we offer our students the guidance and direction they need to pursue their passions. With the A-Level program, students are able to specialize in their chosen subjects while gaining in-depth knowledge. With university guidance every step of the way, students are in good hands to gain real-world experience, earn an enriching education and feel confident in their future studies and career.

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