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Clubs profile: Click Club

This is the first of a clubs profile that we will be doing over the rest of the year. Click Club which is a photography club with a difference, has been running at Torbay for two years now. In that time it has gone from strength to strength and the projects that the students have taken part in have become more and more imaginative. Because of this the quality of the work has got better and better with many of the students taking part using the work produced as part of the A Level and IB assessed art work.

Some students are often a little surprised when they first attend the club because they expect to be sat listening to Chris the photography teacher talking about aperture speed and correct use of the camera. While the students all pick this up as they go along they are far more likely to be given a seemingly strange project brief and sent off around the school.

This year we have had a lot of students attending the club, so much so that we now have two club nights a week. We have invested in more equipment, including lighting and tripods so that the quality of the students work will continue to improve. We have also used tablets so that students are able to edit their photographs as they work on their projects so that this has become a truly spontaneous activity.

Students have been set amazing projects that have really stretched their imaginations and developed their skills with cameras and computer software. They have been giants walking around Torquay, produced amazing light photographs and been trapped inside their mobile phone. And this is the point of click club. It isn’t about learning about cameras it’s about having an idea or being given a project brief to work to and working out the best way to achieve that.

These are skills that students can use in all of their academic subjects and that will stay with them forever. The other thing that’s so great about clubs in school is that while many of those who attend clubs like Click Club are arts based students, many of them are scientists or mathematicians who want and enjoy trying out new things, learning new skills so that they can develop themselves and their interests.

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