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The club fair at EF Academy New York

On September 12th, EF Academy had their annual Fall Club Fair in the Aux Dining Hall. The entire room was full of tables separated into five sections. The clubs were organized according to what day the club plans on meeting (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and everyday.)  There was a spread of cookies, brownies and fruit for the students and staff attending to kick-off an exciting new year of clubs.

During the Club Fair, teachers sat behind their designated club table and anxiously waited for the students to pour in and ask questions. The tables were decorated with information, pictures, and props to draw students’ attention. Once class let out, almost every club table had a student leader arrive to help advertise and recruit students to join their favorite club.

As students arrived Ms. Aquina handed out a “How to Join Clubs” informational sheet. These sheets had instructions on how to join clubs through Motivis and also helped guide students to choose the right clubs for the right day. The Aux filled up quickly and everyone was immersed in conversations about after school activities.

We had over 45 different clubs represented! There was a great mix of academic clubs, healthy lifestyle clubs, recreational clubs and community service clubs. Some clubs were new and others have been around for several years. This year we are offering a wider variety of clubs with club leaders who are extra passionate about the clubs they are leading.

We are all really excited to see what this new school year brings and get ready to hear stories from our amazing students and their accomplishments, plans and activities within the clubs they join!

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