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The benefits of university advising

The benefits of university advising

This blog post about choosing university was written by EF Academy New York student Maksim

My process for selecting my future university is simple. I attend the seminars, which prepare me weekly for what I need to be on the lookout for in colleges, and what they’re looking for in applicants, from the specifics of how to write your essays, to how exactly you should go about looking for schools that are the right fit for you.

For example, it’s not all about education. For most people, you’ll be spending the next four years of your life (at least!) away from home, living at or in direct proximity to your school, where you’ll have to keep in mind not only the courses you are selecting but also the environment you’ll be living in. Not a fan of the heat? Stay out of regions closer to the equator. Want to bring your car to campus? Some schools don’t allow first-year students to drive, so better check on that before you apply. Found a school within reach of your home, and hoping to apply? Some schools require the first few years to be spent on campus and in a dorm, so you might not have your plans go as planned. Not to mention that depending on the region, you might have to write a whole separate essay, fill out a whole new form of credentials, and take a completely new application! Things I would have no idea about before attending those seminars.

When I’m looking for schools, I have 3 basic criteria in mind. Location, courses and living situation. I need to know where I am, what country I’m in, what the political, climate, and geographical conditions are, and if my personal health needs can be met (I’m a person who takes fitness and health very seriously, so having a gym on campus is a massive asset). I need to know if their programs are up to snuff and can provide the education I’m looking for, so I don’t just walk away with a piece of paper, but the pivotal knowledge I need for furthering my future career. And, obviously, lastly, I need to come to terms with an undoubtedly tiny living space, but if there’s potential to upgrade to a larger living situation or if there are any seniority benefits that can help you get to the place you want.

The university prep classes and our university advisors greatly help with simplifying this process by breaking it down into digestible steps, from navigating Maia Learning to organizing tours and campus open houses, to scouting potential schools and getting targeted emails you actually want.