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Celebrating achievements at EF Academy Oxford

Celebrating achievements at EF Academy Oxford

The end of the first academic half-term at EF Academy Oxford has just passed and with this passing comes the perfect opportunity for us to commend and celebrate all that has been achieved so far.

For all students, this has been a period of immense change, and for our first-year students, this has been a half-term of many firsts! First time studying the IB or A-Levels, the first time living away from home in an international boarding school, and for some, it is their first time in England!

For our second-year students, although they are already acclimatized to life in Oxford, this new year brings with it the very real pressure of exams and getting themselves prepared for the next stage in their academic journey.

Celebrating achievements

These first few weeks have been full of new challenges for both year groups and their assemblies this week have recognized and celebrated students for their achievements so far this term.

Year 1 student Arianna began the awards assembly by playing a beautiful piece on the piano.

Student playing piano at achievements celebration at EF Academy Oxford

The Awards

The all-round ‘Good Egg’ award from the Pastoral Team for the students who have been the most helpful, kind and friendly.

Year 1 winners: Sihyun & Laura

Year 2 winners: Jennie & Ysaline & Anant

The ‘Cleanest Room’ award from the House Parents.

Year 1 winners: Pratham & Sihyun and Arianna & Veronica

Year 2 winners: Natalia & Manuela and Noah & Ryem

The Pathway Manager’s ‘All-rounder award’ was awarded to the student who had made the best impact both in their academic and residential lives.

Freya’s all-rounder: Sin Yau NG & Jennie

Joan’s all-rounder: Oskar & Karolina

Special CAS  and AAA mentions.

Year 1: Majken & Baldwin & Yun Tin Shuin & Mirko

Year 2: Anastasija & Ryem

100% Attendance

We also had 43 students who had 100% attendance. This is absolutely amazing as it means each of those students has not missed a single tutor period, assembly, or lesson. This will keep them on-track to achieve great things in their A Level and IB exams.

Looking forward

We are so incredibly proud of all these fantastic achievements this half term. We know that it feels as if Winter Break is right around the corner, however, it is important that we take the time to reflect on all the milestones we pass throughout the year. Each of the students mentioned in this email will be joining us tomorrow for a celebratory breakfast. We would like to end by saying a massive congratulations to all of our students and a thank you for making us smile each day!