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California culture: Health and fitness

It’s well known that the Golden Coast is busy with one of the world’s fastest-growing industries – health and fitness. With beautiful long beaches, mountains and nature reserves, it’s no wonder that the folks in California love to get moving and get outside. But what is California’s fitness culture really about? And what are some of the top trends changing up the way residents exercise?


Clean food restaurants, wellness centers, yoga retreats – in California, a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being go hand in hand. This is helped along by the many local farms allowing residents to fill up on fresh, nutritious goods. There’s also a huge range of exercise classes available. Here, exercise isn’t simply a means to an end. It’s for the experience, for fun and personal fulfillment too. On the golden coast, when your workout routine becomes, well, routine…you shake it up. Think surfing, dance parties, roller derby, aqua aerobics, bring your pets yoga, hot yoga, kettle classes, hardcore boot camps, spinning, aerial fitness – there really is something for everyone.


The emphasis on ‘everyone’ is also key in California fitness culture. Despite having its roots in Hollywood and popular media, California fitness isn’t just for the movie stars and wealthy elite. The focus has moved onto inclusivity with welcoming classes for people of all shapes and sizes to enjoy workouts at every level. These classes are also a great way to connect with people and make new friends. It’s proven that having a workout buddy boosts your motivation to exercise, so imagine having a whole class of buddies to cheer you on! Finding a tribe to run along the beach with in the mornings or dance until you drop after work, is a key part of living the California dream.


Home to Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that technology and sports wearables are a big trend right now in California. With fitness analytics becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s now possible to measure performance in a way that wasn’t achievable before. Understandably, this is having an impact on how efficient people can be during a workout but equally, on how we’re motivated to exercise. Small indicators of workout success promote positive feeling towards exercise and allow people to track their progress. Whether it’s beating a personal best or running that little bit further, sports technology is encouraging good health and the development of good habits.


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