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How your child benefits from a US high school community

Since its inception, the US has been internationally recognized as a “melting pot.” With people coming from all over the world, the nation is a massive mixture of culture, customs, nationalities, and heritage. Enrolling your child in a global school in the United States is a bit like immersing them in a miniature melting pot, one that reflects the diversity and multiculturalism of the 50 states.

International schools provide a unique type of community where students have the opportunity to learn, practice new languages, make lifelong friends and become global citizens. This type of social and educational environment has immeasurable benefits that will transform your child into a more aware, respectful, compassionate individual.

Supportive international student body

In many ways, it’s especially reassuring to study abroad at an international school. Starting life in a new place can be an overwhelming undertaking. Navigating the culture, language, and customs of an unfamiliar country is difficult. Luckily, being part of an international school community means that your child will never have to face their challenges alone. They will adjust to a new lifestyle alongside peers who are taking on the same challenges and experiencing the same emotional journey of studying and living away from home.

International schools in the United States provide a solid community and support system during such a transformational and intense period of growth and learning. When everyone is coming from different places and putting their differences aside to collaborate and learn, the result is an especially strong sense of community and connection.

Fun and immersive high school traditions

Combining the culture and traditions of US high school with the diversity and support of an international school really does provide students with the best of both worlds. Not only do students have the opportunity to embrace the multiculturalism of the United States within a small, international community, but they are also able to experience some of the more fun features of a US high school.

You’ve probably seen some of these customs – like prom and American football games – in American films. Whole communities unite around events like pep rallies and Homecoming, celebrating school pride by wearing the school colors and cheering on the sports teams. Prom is one of the most famous and exciting traditions in US high schools, where the entire school dresses up in formalwear to eat, dance and be merry together.

At EF Academy, students even have their own community traditions. Each year, the entire student body takes time to learn about each other’s backgrounds with events like Lunar New Year and Culture Fair. These occasions provide opportunities for the entire student body to celebrate diversity. Immersing your child in this special type of community will foster a sense of loyalty, support, and friendship that they may not find in other high schools around the world.

Lifelong commitment to cultural awareness

The close-knit and diverse community of an international high school in the US will positively influence the rest of your child’s life. Extending far past the days of homework, exams, and graduation, a global school community will provide your child with lifelong friends. These professional and personal connections will be the foundation for a network that will span the globe.

Not only will your child’s community connect them to a variety of industries and companies, but it will also be a constant support system as they navigate their university and professional careers. A global school is a place where intercultural understanding isn’t just taught in the classroom, it’s lived and practiced every day. This collective appreciation for diversity is a cornerstone of relationship building.

An international learning environment is an ideal place to teach students to be responsible, ethical citizens. A community that embraces universal values of empathy and kindness is one that propels students to engage with world issues. It is this kind of community, teaching collaboration and open-mindedness, that can shape your child into a global citizen whose actions and attitudes will positively impact the future.

EF Academy is a place where diversity is celebrated and internationalism is embraced. Join us to live and learn in a welcoming community of open-minded students.

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