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A-Level Business Studies revision workshop with Tutor2u

A-Level Business Studies students went to London for a revision workshop in April. With exams coming up, this is a valuable opportunity for students to gain familiarity and insights. The workshop gives students a very good overview of the examination.

The presenters gave specific feedback from AQA examiners about mistakes students often made in different types of questions. This gave students an excellent insight into how to refine their writing technique for different questions in terms of what to include and how much to write.

The students in attendance were given included helpful items such as a list of formulas and the main areas of the syllabus. It also contained planning outlines for different types of questions that the students need to practice so that they can apply the advice given by presenters.

The workshop was also fun as students were given tasks to do that involved particular parts of the syllabus that often come up, but in a competitive environment. It was very pleasing to see students Marco Mantega from Brazil and Owen Tong from Hong Kong win chocolate for being the first ones to obtain correct answers out of the 500 students in attendance! Huge congratulations to them.

Perhaps the most satisfying thing for me as a teacher was the students’ final comment after the workshop finished: “It was good but they told us everything that you’ve already told us for exam preparation.

It was reassuring for students to know that they are being prepared for the examinations following the advice that the AQA itself gives. All that’s left now is for the students to work as hard as possible until it comes time for their final examinations!

Having visited last year as well, these students highly recommended this workshop. The second-year A-Level students will be going to similar workshops for Economics and Psychology in May.

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