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How LEGO’s Procurement and L&D teams drive continuous learning

What lessons can we learn from one of the world’s largest toy production companies, The LEGO Group?

Changing times call for innovative ideas. In the face of uncertainty, many companies were faced with the pressing challenge of reducing spending while gaining efficiencies. But how do you assess where to cut costs, when employee engagement is key to keep the business going?

In this session with LEGO’s Senior Global Category Manager Professional, Christian Dahl Damsted, we take on a journey through the last 12 months in working as an Indirect Procurement Leader at LEGO. Christian explains how he worked with the L&D and HR leaders to redevelop their learning strategies and drive continuous engagement for their employees.

In this 45-minute live webinar we explore:

  • Ways in which procurement L&D and HR leaders can redevelop vendor relationships to maximize their investments
  • How to leverage new ideas from the market and get creative to bring more value to the company
  • First-hand experiences of what the pandemic meant as a LEGO employee and some innovative ideas on how to best adapt to new ways of working
  • Key recommendations for Procurement and L&D leaders to get creative when sourcing services

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