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HR Championing Change: Building successful L&D strategies

No matter your industry, your role, where you are at in your career, or your company, you know that change is a fact of life. Particularly during the past 12 months, the ability to change, to adapt to new circumstances and environments has become crucial for success.

But how do you embrace it? For HR and L&D professionals, creating a culture of learning and development at all levels in the organization is the way forward.

Don’t miss this 45-minute, thought-provoking session with Stefano Vetralla, Global HR Trusted Advisor and Former VP of Global HR at KEMET, and Josh Elboim, USA Country Manager at EF Education First to explore how to ride the constant wave of change as HR and L&D professionals, and the impact this has on corporate learning and development strategies.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why now is the time for reflection, particularly following the past year, and how HR professionals can adjust to constant change
  • What is the mission of L&D in 2021 and what can you do to support your organization
  • Which are the 5 key pillars to developing a successful L&D strategy in the post-pandemic world

Build a culture of learning in your organization

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