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The Evolution of Leadership Development in a Digital World

This year has seen the rapid rise of digital learning, brought on by necessity following the Covid-19 crisis.

In this new context of VUCA markets, executives and organizational leaders are facing unknown situations that generate enormous confusion.

The series of new normals we are likely to face over the coming year as we establish new markets and new ways of working bring great opportunities for those able to embrace the digital opportunities available to them. For those organizations, this will be the ideal moment to develop their workforce in an agile and responsive way to deal with the unknowns and the complexity that exists.

Many organizations end up reacting abruptly using established, obsolete strategies, skills, and methods, seeking to obtain results in the short term but putting the survival of their organizations at risk. Other companies prioritize this partial, limited vision, instead of giving precedence to the transformation that leaders and organizations need to remain competitive in a digital environment.

Watch this webinar on-demand with Dr Hari Mann and Paul GriffithProfessors of Strategy and Innovation at Hult Ashridge to discuss how you can emerge from the post-Covid world with the right strategies and ensure your organization has the competencies and skills to benefit from the opportunities of the digital age.

This 45-minute session examines:

  • Challenges currently being faced by organizations and how these will shift in the next year
  • Competencies needed for an organization to be at the top of the ladder when it comes to helping their leaders evolve in the digital age
  • Strategies needed to cultivate and build paths for effective leadership development in the digital age

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