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Creating Agile Organizations: Developing your leadership intelligence

What does it take for senior leaders to build more agile organizations?

In today’s world, developing leadership agility across the organization is vital to the success of your people and business operations. Agile leadership means thinking, acting, and communicating differently depending on the context, and deploying specific types of leadership intelligence. Effective communication is an integral element of building an agile organization to understand situations and react quickly.

In this webinar, Sharon Olivier, Dr Frederick Hölscher, and Colin Williams, members of faculty at Hult Ashridge, address the fundamental question of “How does the need for organizational agility change the way we lead?”. This is based on 5 years of research with more than 300 leaders across the world.

Watch this 60-minute session to explore:

  • A new lens through which to view leadership
  • Why an understanding of organizations as complex living ecosystems helps us lead more effectively
  • A unique model presenting three intelligences used as ways of seeing, sense-making, and responding with agility
  • What each leadership intelligence brings as strengths and weaknesses
  • How to develop your leadership and organizational agility

Break communication barriers to build agility in your company

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