EF Basic Course

Focus on how to communicate and enjoy lots of free time.

  • 20

    Dərs / Həftə
    40 minutes each lesson
  • 16 General Language Lessons
    02 Project Sessions
    00 Special Interest Lessons
    02 Lecture Sessions

Special Interest lessons
Personalize your course with Special Interest lessons: Pick topics that interest you – from career development sessions to in-depth language classes – and add them to your weekly schedule.

Project sessions
Accelerate your language development in project sessions, which use interactive videos to boost fluency.

Online pre-course
Start your pathway to fluency as soon as you book your course with My EF’s range of online exercises.

Online post-course
Refine your language skills for up to six months after your course has finished with access to iLab.

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Combine plenty of free time abroad with 20 morning and afternoon language lessons a week (total tuition time of 13 hours and 20 minutes) – combining General Language Lessons, Project Sessions and Lecture Sessions.
This course concentrates on understanding and speaking the language in practical situations. You’ll benefit from comprehensive materials, personalized instruction and interactive classtime.
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Where would you like to take this course?

Choose your study abroad destination to learn more about the city and the school.

EF’s Learning Guarantee

We are so confident that our method will help you make maximum progress, that we guarantee it. Attend all of your classes, do all the assignments, and you’ll advance one course level every six weeks – otherwise, you'll study for free until you do.

  • Documented progress

    You’ll advance one language level every six weeks with proof of your progress. We measure your language skills before your course begins and after it’s complete with the EFSET suite – which includes a placement test, progress test and graduation test.
  • Proof of your success

    Return home with a portfolio of academic achievements including the EFSET Certificate of Achievement, final EF test scores and EF Course Certificate. Supplement your CV and prove the progress you’ve made to universities and employers with an official language exam.
  • The EF Research Network

    EF collaborates with top universities to fundamentally improve the way students learn languages. Network scholars explore advances in linguistics, teaching, technology, testing and cultural immersion. Together, we are committed to research and innovation that will shape the future of language learning.
    Members of the EF Research Network include: University of Cambridge,Harvard Graduate School of Education, Peking University, University of Tokyo, EF Learning Labs.
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