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Why EF

The EF Action Learning™

When it comes to language learning, it’s not just about what you know. EF Action Learning™ is based on the idea of ‘learning through doing’ in which you activate your language knowledge through real world tasks and a project of personal interest to you. We offer courses in English, French, Spanish and German. With EF Action Plus™, you can even improve your language by exploring a new activity, art form or sport.

An innovative, hands-on approach
EF Action Learning™ helps you speak a language faster and more naturally. That’s because you focus on topics important to you. With EF Action Learning™, you gain insight into how language is actually used rather than merely memorizing vocabulary and grammar. Reach goals relevant to your life rather than just gaining theoretical knowledge. Broaden your own personal horizons through cultural immersion and practicing speaking daily in real-life situations.

Learn, explore, immerse-achieve!
Language study and real-life practice are focused into a group project to produce a concrete result.

You’ll learn in a group of students who share your passion for becoming more fluent in a language, guided by a team of EF teachers and coaches. As soon as you ACQUIRE a base knowledge of related communication skills, EXPLORE how to use them in real-life situations to reach your linguistic, athletic or artistic goals. Next, IMMERSE yourself by collaborating on a project that tests the limits of your new communication skills.

• Learn faster by focusing on an project of personal interest
• Tailor your course to your own needs using the EF Passport to Learn
• Retain more by applying what you learn to real-life situations

• Return home with proof of the progress you’ve made
• Become more globally aware
• Gain confidence in yourself
• More international friends

We offer EF Action English™ in Malta, the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, and Australia. We also offer EF Action Français™, EF Action Español™ and EF Action Deutsch™.