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Experience in Shanghai has been very different than my American life, but in a GOOD WAY! I never really expected to meet such a diverse group of people learning Chinese (I've met many people from many different countries). I also like how the teachers are so willing to help us and even accompany us to various places.
Bianca - EF Shanghai
I feel like I've lived here all my life. My host family, teachers, and neighbors have been looking out for me like their own son. I'm meeting tons of new people and making some new lifelong friends from across the globe. School has been particularly wonderful. It has only been a week and I am already talking up a storm with my friends and host family; my tongue and cheeks are beginning to hurt from all the French I am speaking. Nice has truly been better than I had dreamed.
Chris - EF Nice

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Founded in 1965, EF Education First is the world's largest private education company. We offer language education for students and professionals in more than 50 countries.

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Accelerate your rate of fluency in a second language, cornerstone of international education

Accelerate your rate of fluency in a second language while earning Franklin Pierce academic credits.

Globalism is this decade's new motto. Fortune 500 executives are increasingly searching for people with international experience and cross-cultural competency. Employment statistics indicate that language and cross-cultural skills are invaluable assets, and increase one's competitive edge in the global job market.

With this in mind, Franklin Pierce offers its students the opportunity to learn a second language in a faster way through EF’s International Language Centers abroad, while earning academic credits at Franklin Pierce. Order a brochure to learn more.


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Learn the language living as a local in Spain, France, Germany, Costa Rica, Japan, Singapore and China.

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