See how it all works

See how it all works
  • Meet your classmates in My EF

    Meet your future classmates before you leave and learn about your destination in "My EF" - your online campus.

  • Your EF Pre-course

    In "My EF" you can also study online to prepare yourself for life abroad before you travel.

  • Coaching Call

    An EF language coach will call you to help you prepare for your course before you travel.

  • Placement test

    Before you leave, take the level placement test and we’ll take care of placing you in the right class with people of the same level.

  • First Day at EF

    On your first day of school you'll meet classmates, teachers and staff. You'll also receive information about your school and destination, and then participate in fun activities like a city tour.

  • Personalize your course

    You can personalize your course by choosing among a wide variety of programs, and by adding subjects and internships that interest you.

  • Small classes

    At EF you study in a small class with students at the same level as you, to help you progress faster.

  • Conversation class

    By participating in conversation classes you'll learn how to express yourself in a natural way and quickly become more fluent as a speaker.

  • iPad class

    We've started using iPads to make classroom learning more exciting. With the EF learning apps, you'll learn faster in a fun way both in and out of class. iPads will be in all EF schools by this summer, 2011.

  • iLab class

    Continue learning online in our iLab language labs with Hollywood produced videos and multimedia content. You'll increase your vocabulary at a faster rate, work on your grammar and improve your pronunciation.

  • Progress tracker

    Your teachers will give you personal feedback and help you visualize your progress in the iLab "progress tracker".

  • Special interest classes

    Choose from a wide selection of industry specific subjects for your classes. You’ll learn specialized vocabulary and have discussions related to a topic that interests you.

  • Live the language

    The more you practice, the faster you'll learn. Use your new language skills outside of class by ordering at a restaurant or talking with the locals – soon you’ll be much more fluent!

  • EF Cambridge English Level Test

    Take home more than just memories! At the end of your course, you'll receive an EFCELT Report (EF Cambridge English Level Test) as proof of your language level and ability.

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