Business' expansion plans are being constrained

What the report tells us…

64% of businesses believe language and cultural differences constrain their international expansion plans.


…as international communication skills within businesses are not good enough

What the report tells us…

75% of executives rate their colleagues' ability to communicate internationally as average or below average

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We need
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Cross-border communication has a significant impact on a company's financial performance

What the report tells us…

Executives state that enhanced international communication skills improves revenues (89%), profits (89%) and market share (85%)


"Improve profits
& revenues"


market share"

Also, a lack of investment in communication skills has significant negative impact on sales

What the report tells us…

Half (49%) reported that communication misunderstandings have resulted in financial losses after a major cross-border deal has fallen through



A closer look at individual countries tells a similar story…


74% report having lost out financially due to communication misunderstandings


77% state that lack of clarity in cross-border communications has led to loss of productivity


79% feel that differences in language and culture make it hard to gain market share internationally

English is widely accepted as the universal language for business

And yet, businesses are dangerously overlooking the need to invest in training

What the report tells us…

47% think that investment in training to improve employees' language skills is insufficient – and is the single largest factor thought to need improvement