During your course

Accelerate your learning with our interactive and customized study materials - the fastest and most efficient way to learn a language.

Discover our interactive, communicative method

Studies have shown that interactive learning is more effective than passive lecture-style learning. That’s why we make sure to offer you endless ways to learn using all your senses. From speaking and listening to seeing and touching, with our learning system you’ll improve your language skills faster and retain them better - guaranteed!

Achieve faster learning through integrated methods

All the subjects you hear in the classroom, read in your course book and see on your computer are linked together. Each type of media helps you learn and absorb language skills in different ways with seamless integration. All are coordinated to make learning as easy and as efficient as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Improve your language skills through immersion

When classes end for the day, you're still learning. Listen to the conversations around you, practice your new language skills as you discuss your day with your host family, and work on your accent as you order coffee from a local cafe.

Gain real world experience through internship opportunities

Combine an internship in an area of interest along with your course to gain real world experience. You’ll enhance your resume while gaining insight into your host country’s professional language and culture, develop industry specific language skills, build a personal network and obtain international business exposure.