Internship Program

EF Internship Program

Start Date

Every Monday


Upper Intermediate to Advanced


Minimum 8 week course with 50-100 internship hours


Participate in a series of workshops ranging from Interview Skills to CV writing, along with attending guest lectures and educational visits with a popular selection of industry representatives. Depending on country a program may vary from eight to nine weeks in length.


  • After 4-6 weeks of English instruction you will be placed in a company matching your interest and abilities for an unpaid internship.
  • A total of 50-100 hours of work experience in a local company within your chosen interest area.
  • 2 internship preparation sessions to cover cv/resume writing and interviewing skills.
  • 14 general language lessons to build grammar and all communication skills.
  • 6 iLAB sessions at English Schools/ 4 language lab and 2 integrated video/ project work/ conversation sessions at Non-English Schools.
  • 10 special interest lessons in your chosen subject.
  • 1 (double lesson) listening comprehension practice lecture

Internships are not available in the USA, but students are able to practice their language skills by volunteering at different organizations at the same time as studying English full-time.