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Academic Projects

Academic Projects

Academic projects in Oxford
Our enterprising and talented students have successfully participated in a wide variety of challenging and rewarding events and competitions including:

• World Challenge Trip to Morocco – 10 students
• Participation in Economics conference, London
• Participation in Mathematics Olympiad
• CAS Projects – helping deaf and children with learning difficulties play football
• Interactive session with a Member of Parliament on British Politics
• Group 4 science project
• Sociology Seminar
• Internships for students aiming for Medicine and Oxbridge
• Enterprise week and debating competitions

Academic projects in Torbay
EF International Academy Torbay students have proved their academic proficiency and ability to take initiative, through successful participation in various projects throughout the year. Their achievements include:

• Research papers for Applied Business Course
• Group 4 projects in the areas of ecology, environment, and climate change
• IB CAS projects
• Recycling project to make the school more environmental friendly
• Participation in Business Studies intensive revision courses
• Medical School visits and guest lectures at Exeter and Plymouth
• Internships for students aiming for Medicine, Law

Academic projects in New York
Throughout the year, our students participate in various academic conferences or
events that build on and enhance their classroom based learning. Some examples include:

• Environmental Club Projects
• Model UN conference
• Participation in New York Mathematics League
• Senior IB Theater projects
• Group 4 science project that analysed the sample from Tarrytown lakes at Rockefeller Science Center
• Economics class visit to Wall St and financial district and writing a research paper about trading

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