High School Preparation

High School Preparation

Improve your language skills and academic proficiency to ensure success in an English-speaking high school.

This programme lasts 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and prepares you for the High School Grades 9-10, International GCSE, A-Level or IB Diploma programmes.

High School Preparation Programme

What is the programme?A 3-, 6-, 9- or 12-month course of study, leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, A-Level Programme or international high school studies.
Who is it for?Students who have completed high school grade 8 or above.
Academic requirementsCompletion of grade 8 or above.
English requirementsAcademic year: IELTS 4.0 / TOEFL 60 CBT / 19 IBT / SLEP 40 minimum or the equivalent on the free EF Academy test. * Semester programme:> IELTS 4.5 / TOEFL 103 CBT / 34 IBT / SLEP 43 or the equivalent on the free EF Academy test. * Students who do not meet the requirements will either have to take additional English tuition or an EF Academic English course.
LocationsNew York   
Programme lengthOne to four terms

What is the High School Preparation Programme?
The High School Preparation Programme is a foundation year or semester that prepares students for high school studies at English-speaking schools around the world. The course is aimed at students who have completed grade 8 or above in their home country. Its primary goal is to build students’ language skills and academic proficiency to fulfil the entry requirements of English-speaking high schools and the A-Level and IB Diploma programmes.

Why choose this programme?
Ultimately, successful completion of this course, along with the International GCSE, High School Grades 9-10, A-Level or IB Diploma programmes, will allow students access to the best universities around the world. Students whose English proficiency is not yet high enough to begin the above-mentioned programmes directly, who are not yet old enough to begin those programmes, or whose previous academic training has not sufficiently prepared them for the rigours of an international education, will find the Preparation Programme caters specifically to their needs by offering training in English language, study skills, and specific English academic modules.

How does the curriculum work?
The curriculum is designed to provide access to an English-speaking high school education for students coming from a range of different educational environments. It aims to acclimatise students to the philosophy of an international education, which demands independent thought and study skills. Students will focus on improving their general language abilities. They will also develop specific language skills needed to cope with a full academic programme in English, including the ability to take notes, write essays and make presentations.

They will also learn to approach academic texts and ideas analytically and from an international perspective.

The next step
Upon successful completion of the Preparation Programme, we guarantee entry into one of our high school programmes: the IB Diploma Programme, A-Level Programme, High School Programme Grades 9-10 or International GCSE Programme in Great Britain. You will have a sound understanding of what is expected of you in the next step of your academic career.

Tuition & Course dates

LocationLengthTuition FeesCourse dates
New YorkPer term USD 10,9002014: January, April, June, September
New YorkPer yearUSD 32,7002014: January, April, June, September
OxfordPer term GBP 6,5002014: January, April, June, September
OxfordPer yearGBP 19,5002014: January, April, June, September
TorbayPer term GBP 5,7502014: January, April, June, September
TorbayPer yearGBP 17,2502014: January, April, June, September
Per term CAD 8,5002014: June, September
Per yearCAD 25,5002014: June, September

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